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Alternate views

Bathing Beauties, 'Rithm Tower - in assoc with Colins Burns and Colin Smith, 2006

International Beach Hut Competition: "Re-imagine The Beach Hut for the 21st Century"

240 scale models were submitted from around the world, one beach hut was built and some models were selected for popular touring exhibition - ongoing since 2006. Our model has always been part of a touring exhibition of 30 - 100 models since then.

The aim was:

to create a contemporary beach hut with a distinctive presence,
improved benefits to the occupants,
ease of manufacture and use of traditional marine materials with seaside forms.

'Rithm tower is derived from a very simple construction - a single, wood-planked, quadrilateral surface wrapped around two logarithmic spiral decks. The resultant form playfully acknowledges both sandcastles and seashells - without being too tied to either metaphor.

The materials palette is selected for its durability and aged character - it includes larch timbers, a pebbled roof mini-terrace and copper hardware (fasteners, rainware, roof ladder, shower fixture, timber cappings and tri-fold door cladding)