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model variations
model variations

The first product we made designed specifically to use local wood.

It was short-listed for The Wood Awards in 2009. A single length of ash or oak is steamed and bent round a former to create a strong and effective rocker for an exceptionally comfortable stool. It allows you to rock and lean forwards whilst sitting at a table or desk - a movement that keeps the spine straight and core muscles strong. It is ideal for kitchen, office or work-room. It has been used successfully by those with back problems and as a guitar stool.

We make these in batches of five in local ash and oak and they are available from our shop.

Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm approx.

"Great to see native timber used in a fresh way and pushed beyond the obvious. The UNSTABLE STOOL is fantastic and a design of real clarity and integrity."
Dylan Jones